It's gender-essentialist and stupid to think that a woman who has procreated is in some sort of factory-setting state of health and happiness. Yet, anyone who walks around doling once-size-fits-all advice for nursing and childcare is essentially operating on this ridiculous assumption. » 10/19/14 2:57pm Yesterday 2:57pm

When it comes to inadequacy, I have found immeasurable worth in mindfulness meditation and on "visualizing good things." Every day I name three things I am proud of and three things I'm looking forward to, etc. I don't recommend this technique to people who are in bad situations; anger can be good, discomfort is often… » 10/18/14 8:14pm Saturday 8:14pm

He should try to look at as many profiles as possible and work on his own profile to see what works as far as getting women to message him. He should learn to look for women who message all the new people on the site as a matter of course, and use those boilerplate messages to get an idea of what to avoid as far as… » 10/15/14 9:43pm Wednesday 9:43pm